About Us

Our firm was founded with the vision of being a great place for great people to work, that also happens to be a law firm.

After years of dedicating ourselves to the service of clients while working for large law firms, we desired to create a more cost effective, personalized and tailored approach to meeting the changing needs of our clients while continuing to provide the excellent legal services, strategies and resources that clients have come to expect from a large law firm. It resulted in the law firm of GRC|LEGAL.

We were initially founded and established in September 2020.

GRC|LEGAL strives to provide its clients with excellent legal services in the most complex matters at a competitive, cost-effective approach. Additionally, focuses on maintaining close relationships with all of clients and dedicated to satisfying each and every client’s individual legal needs within the scope of natural person or any legal entity.

At GRC|LEGAL, we stand by your side to navigate you through the complexities of the legal system in Turkey, maximizing your potential for relief and protection.

Experience the Vision

We serve in the fields of mainstream and next generation law today, which is called the digital age in which legal services have evolved all over the world, has a special experience equipped with numerous cases, especially specializing in the law-tech fields.

We reinvented the traditional law firm model while retaining traditional values like customer service and dedication. We distinguish ourselves by our commitment to our clients to protect and further their business, while providing peace of mind. We worry so they don’t have to.

Another unique approach we employ is dedicating a relationship manager to each client and a project manager for each issue.

In addition to providing legal services such as Corporate and M&A, GRC, TMT, Business and Commercial Matters, Employment, Human Resources & Labor, Data Protection, Privacy, Cyber Security, RegTech & FinTech & StartUp matters, Information Technology, Internet & E-Commerce, Dispute Resolution & Negotiation; we offer tailored solutions to legal challenges faced by numerous industries such as retailers, software development companies, technology companies and luxury brands.

Core Values

Great culture and organisation starts with a compelling vision shared by all. We upended the traditional law firm model to create a firm based on roles and abilities as opposed to seniority. We do not serve to the "titles". We serve to "humans" and the people who know what they do and why.

In addition to a team-based structure, we focus our firm on the following core values: